Trux Bullneck

Goblin Warrior


NAME: Trux
CONCEPT: Goblin Warrior
Class: Adventurer

ST: 10 ( 10 )
DX: 11 ( 10 )
IQ: 9 ( 9 )
EN: 11 ( 11 )
MV: 6


  • Animal Handler (3/IQ+1) Calm, manage, or prevent animal attacks.
  • Axe/Mace/Club (3/DX+1) – Bonus to attack when using an Axe, Club or Mace. For every +3 in skill bonus, the Hero can make 1 additional attack per turn.
  • Shield (3/DX+1) – Bonus applied to block defense when using a shield in combat.
  • Thief (3/DX+1) – Steal items without being caught. Modified by awareness of target or where item is located.
  • Unarmed Combat (3/DX+1) – Bonus to attack, damage, and grapple attacks.


  • Dark Vision out to 60 feet
  • DX+2 on Stealth & Ride

Common, Goblin


  • Axe – DMG:1d6+3 – ST:8 – Enc:1
  • Buckler/Target Shield – AR:-1 – DX:0
  • Padded/Robes/Furs – AR:-1 – DX:-1

Belt pouch (+1 ENC)
Fishing hooks and line
Flint & steel
Lock pick set
Mess kit
Needle & thread
Pipe & tobacco
Water skin


Trux Bullneck Isn’t the brightest of goblins, and because of that, and his unusual girth for a goblin, he’s been taken advantage of for as long as he can remember. Trux was raised among his kind as part of the Marrow Licker tribe, but he never really fit in.

Trux Bullneck

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